Internet Explorer Wont Close Correctly

When i try to close the internet explorer window, or a tab within it, an error message like this is shown. It wasn’t doing this last night before i went to bed, and i have no clue what to do in a situation like this to remedy it… Does anyone know how i can disable the error message? (or fix the error itself)


“inconvinience” ?

Did you run a virus check?

Taking inspiration out of your name, Google can be very helpful in these circumstances. Why don’t you search for ‘winutil5.dll internet explorer’ and see what solutions turn up that are appropriate for your setup.


Yep, spyware…

Remove it to get rid of the errors:

You can also get ride off of that prehistoric browser, and use one of the actual alternatives.

Like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Epiphany, Opera, even Konqueror is faster and passes the Acid 3 test, thing that IE doesn´t.

Here you can check differences on performance: After you run the benchmark, you will see how ridiculously the IE fares against other browsers. Also, FF and chrome have the Incognito Mode, really useful to… check blenderartists w/o leaving a trace.

Thanks everyone for your help.
I went to google, as i probably should have done first, and it seems to me that i must have accidentally downloaded something that i shouldnt have, while i was downloading something else. in fact, i noticed an icon on my desktop, called shredder. I have never seen shredder before today, it was just there when i logged on this morning. When i right-click shredder, the only options are ‘open’ and ‘create shortcut’.
it does not show up in the uninstall programs list in control panel.
and it does not let me download it even when i try accessing it from the desktop folder.
does anyone know how i can get rid of this?

PS. i have opera, firefox, and chrome on my computer, its just that im so used to internet explorer that i prefer it. and my parents use this computer, and wont use anything but ie

Try that :smiley:

Thank you for that, i think i will download it later. :yes:
but, does anyone know how i can get rid of the shredder thing? i feel like this is my most pressing problem…

Before you try this, I’d suggest running some anti-malware to make sure the malware is dead before the icon is removed. Just removing the icon from the desktop won’t get rid of the malware, and if you use IE a lot, then getting some decent anti-malware and anti-virus software is a MUST. IE is not only painfully bad at preventing a flood of viruses, but people who write malware and viruses target IE’s weaknesses specifically because IE’s users tend to not know a lot about computers. Spyware and viruses are more likely to survive on these computers, so they target them specifically.
that’s the only solution I can find for removing it:

Goto Start Menu > Run

Type regedit and press the enter key.

In the registry editor window that opens, click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the left pane.

Follow it to -


below NameSpace, you’ll see long CLSID strings like {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}

Clicking on any of them will reveal it’s name in the right pane.

Just select the one you need to remove and press the DELETE key.
Close the registry editor window.
Right click on desktop and select “refresh”.

Don’t blame me if it kills your computer. Several people seem to appreciate the steps in their comments, but I’ve not tried it myself, since I don’t have this shredder thing.

Also, I would highly suggest you reconsider using Firefox or Chrome as your default browser. Also, I would suggest getting a decent antivirus and a decent firewall app. I use Kaspersky Antivirus and Komodo firewall. Komodo will let me know if anything is trying to alter registry settings unless I tell it to trust the app in question or it’s in installation mode. No malware can install itself if it’s unable to edit registry settings. Kaspersky is good for those things that you download and might try to install manually (like viruses injected into other software). It will pick up anything you download and check it automatically (Something that Firefox also does automatically).

IE is just awful at protecting your PC from this sort of crap. It will download and install malware and viruses without telling you because a website told it to. It’s dangerous to use lately, because getting your identity stolen is pretty common. My parents had their identities stolen a while back. They never caught the guy(s) who did it, and the bank had to eat a few thousand dollars in charges made to their cards before it was noticed and stopped.

Is this because I’m not an administrator?


I’m not really sure, but that would seem like a logical assumption. Just log back in with an account with full privileges and try again, maybe?

Did you remove the spyware first?

You know it’s the worst one but you cling to it because you’re used to it? how hard can it be to learn to use a new browser, it’s just a browser for crying out loud. It would save you a lot of heartache in the long run, believe me.

Using Internet Explorer is like having sex with a hooker that is full of STDs.

… yea, what he said. Have you tried the plugin for firefox that makes it look like IE? It’s better than running IE I’m sure.

It’s why I never use IE to introduce people to this thing called “the internet” :yes:

Always use FF or Chrome. They will learn to use it with those browsers and will think that IE is bad because it doesn’t work like they want to :stuck_out_tongue:

Opera is also a good and solid browser.
… switching browsers will not solve an existing spyware issue, however.

I just noticed that however you abbreviate Mozilla Firefox, it sounds kind of vulgar…

MF, FF… ok that’s stupid. What kind of virus scanner do you use? Norton? (Norton’s a piece of **** in my opinion. Its main window is formatted so that it even looks like a popup, and it takes over your computer and takes control when you least expect, plus it sucks at its job).