Interpolation in Blender 2.65

Hey Everyone.

I know that this has been solved repeatedly on here and asked several times. In fact I had used a node set up before to solve this problem. But with the latest release of Blender 2.65, this node setup has seemed to become of no use. If anyone could tell me what needs to be changed that would be great. :slight_smile: I don’t know who originally made this node setup unfortunately. I couldn’t find his post. Otherwise I would give credit to him.
But here’s the node setup I have right now.
Thanks for your time,

hi, i posted this node setup originaly. What do you mean with “has become of no use”?

It seems that when in the latest update it doesn’t work anymore. The textures are still interpolating.

I see no reason this should no longer work, i have used it in 2.65 myself and had no problems. Maybe somehow your group got screwed up, or you don’t have the right size setting? if you want you can attach your file here and i have a look.