Interpretation of existing artwork

I have an ex-military friend who says stuff like “But did you/she/they die?!” whenever you want to feel sorry for yourself or for anyone else. He is annoying AF but also a very good friend.
So when I found this model on blendswap, I knew my friend would love it.
I did really basic stuff like duplicate the bandana and modify it with a wireframe, then add emission and use some noise to grungify the effect. same for the text and the tooth.
I added some blue point lights to help the skull “pop” from the scene.
I changed the material on the skull with wave texture and displacement, and added some long, narrow, red area lights to pickup edge detail.
Finally I added some patchy noise detail to the rusted wall, turned down the intensity of the various lamps, and adjusted the various emission shaders to match the intensity I was going for, and instead of killing my poor little 2013 laptop with a volumetric render in Cycles, I cheated using bloom in Eevee to create the foggy feel.
Lastly I did my final color-grading in Photoshop.
I’m new to Blender but absolutely loving the potential for creating whatever I can think or dream, even on an old GT650, and I can’t wait to upgrade to something with an RTX…lol