Interrupting an animation ipo

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I have an drum with a transformation animation ipo on it (stretch on z, x, y axis to look like it is bouncing on impact of a drum stick). When it receives a message saying “beat”, it is supposed to run the animation (which is 20 frames long). However, sometimes it receives the message but does not show the animation. I don’t know why this is happening and I would like some direction.

My guesses are:

  • The drum is still bouncing from its previous animation and ignores the request to play the same IPO
  • However, there should be enough time (I have tried 3 seconds) for the previous call to play the IPO to complete before I send the message to play it again.
  • The message is getting lost somewhere.
  • Don’t know if this can happen. I suspect it can’t, that the cause of the problem is instead a logic mistake on my part. Implementation details:
  • I have a message sensor hooked up to an AND controller which goes to the IPO Actuator that "Play"s frames 1 thru 20.Thanks in advance,

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you should post the blend…then someone can play with it. Try shortening the ipo, make the stretch happen in 10 frames instead of 20…


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What happens if you increase the blend factor in the ipo actuator?


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Hmm, I have this working, but I am not sure why. Here was what I did.

I had the animation performed through adding an active actuator in python.

import GameLogic as GL

cont = GL.getCurrentController()
if cont.getSensor("self play").isPositive():
    import logging
    logging.getLogger('game').debug("Animating drum")
    bounceAnim = cont.getActuator("Show Bounce")
    GL.addActiveActuator(bounceAnim, 1)

And suddenly this works. Its maaagic!