Intersect connecting mesh?

So basically i would like to intersect my entire mesh and cut the faces to match the intersections, for example i have 16 bits within a gun model and i want all the geo to merge where they connect, kinda like the dynamesh tool in zbrush. thanks!

You’ll have to be more specific and provide us with some screenshots or even a .blend file. But my estimation for now would be to use boolean modifiers for achieving this.

Yes, a boolean modifier will allow you to do just what you’re asking.

or Self-intersect!

@PyroGXPilot, what is a self-intersect? Please explain.

@Anthony Forwood: Say, you join Cube and Suzanne in object mode. In edit mode Select all, Space search “Intersect” and choose option “Self Intersect” on T-panel operator pane (or F6 popup). There will be a cut-line selected where both meshes intersect. [make a new vertex group out of this selection or mark it as a Seam while selection is still active - will help later on].