intersect cut? (Stephen2002)

(thatbrikwal) #1

in a topic a couple days ago about Hamaptch’s knife tools, someone (I think i was Stephen2002) mentioned using a plane and intersect to cut things up. I was wondering if someone could elaborate on this.

(RipSting) #2

1)Create a sphere (make sure it’s a mesh!)
2)Create a plane
3)Position them so that they overlap
4)If they’re separate objects, select them both and hit Ctrl-J to join
5)Enter edit mode in the new mesh object (Tab)
6)Under the edit buttons (F9) click the “Intersect” button (right below the blue-green beauty button)
7)Use the L-key to select linked verts and delete them (xkey) or separate them (pkey) as needed
8)After you’re done, select each object, enter edit mode, and remove doubles (A->W->4)