Intersecting bevels fixup conundrum

My model requires this shape:

When I put the bevel modifier over it looks like this, dissapointing:

because of this mess (clamp overlap turned off):

If i merge these on on center like this:

It looks better:

Then turn up auto smooth to 50 or so it looks better still but not perfect:

So is this actually difficult geometry to bevel or am I simply a noob that needs educat’in.
What would an experienced modeler do in this situation.


Add some control loops, particularly one extending along where the top radius terminates:

now your bevel has a bit more manageable flow:

subdvision modifier smooths it out even further:


Yup, this worked. The control loop where the “top radius terminates” is absolutely essential although I can’t really see why. I guess it’s just the way bevels/subdiv work. Thanks mate.