Intersecting Cylinders?

OK, I’m modeling a L22:
with a SUSAT optical sight. Basically it’s two cylinders intersecting at right angles, like this:


How would I do this?

I’ve seen tutorials just making two separate parts, and leaving it at that, and i’d resort to that if i had to, but rather not.

Another way id usually do it is by skinning the faces around it, but i can’t get this to work properly.

The third way is boolean. I tried with little success, mainly in the form of non-manifold meshes.

Is there any other ways?

Included is the .blend file to see what i mean.


L22.blend (170 KB)

Okay hope this makes sense. What I would do is make a cube, extrude a face and immediately scale it done a bit, then extrude that face out, then use ctrl+r to add extra loops to control beveling (I should add you need subsurf on). And do the same for the other side.

I also noticed a number of triangles in the mesh, this is generally not good modeling practice.

OK, so you mean to make it in cubes then smooth it?

Triangles: Since it’s for use in a game, i’ll just decimate it when i’m finished.

There’s a page in the Noob to Pro Wiki about intersecting cylinders.
The page isn’t loading for me so I can’t give you a direct link.
But it should help.

Here’s how I’d do it:

What’s important is the amount of sides on the cylinders, dependent on the difference in size. These are 16 and 8, and they line up perfectly.