Intersection of curved surfaces

OK - Me again!

I have two cubes joining on the same plane at 90 degrees - each cube has a rounded edge - I’ve tried using boolean functions to unite or difference them (with disasterous results).

What I’m trying to do get each cube so I can unwrap it and know where the join line is - (hope that makes sense) - it is the joint of two levels of brickwork (talking texture here) and I need to put to graphically place a grouting line along the joint.


Ok, here you go:

First, take your mesh the way it is now:
and select one of the vertices:
then, move it so that it is on the same line as the corresponding vertice above:
repeat this for the other vertices:
now move the top vertices down to meet with the newly placed ones:
do this for the other top vertices, and then delete the inside faces:
now merge the vertices (or use remove doubles if they are exactly the same place):
do this for all the vertices, then unwrap and texture.

Fantastic - thanks - I’ll get back to it


There is a good tutorial on the french site
to make the kind of curve you have in the first image in you post

look at this

if anybody knows where yo find the English version for this let us know

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