Intersection...or whatever you call it :)

Well, I have a problem but it’s hard for me to explain clearly in English, so I made a picture to show you what I mean.

I start with a plane that is built up out of triangles like in pic1. But I want to do something specific with that plane, and for that I created 2 vertices on the upper en lower side of the plane as you see in picture 2. Now what I want, is to create a line (edge? or how do you call it? :expressionless: ) between those 2 vertices. That is the red line you see on pic2. And now for the part I don’t know: I want vertices to be created at every point where the new (red) line crosses another blue one from the plane.
Eventually, I should have something like in pic3. I searched the knowledgebase for ‘intersection’ but It didn’t come up with something I could use.

I hope u understand, and I hope you can help!!!

You can do that in Tuhopuu, the experimental version of Blender. Also lots of other cool stuff. Check Ztonzys thread in News and Chat for the link.

You can do that with my knife script -> scripts

(Not sure it works in 2.28)


That function you are asking for already WAS on Blender untill version 2.25. On version 2.26 the developers took it away saying that it was causing Blender to crash a lot (but It never crashed on me).

The tool was called ¨Intersect¨ and I have an ongoing thread in the forums of asking for that function to be back. Would you like to collaborate with us and post your petition so that the developers know that there are people interested on it ? :wink:

The petition thread is at

Yep, they removed the Intersect tool (“Now you can use booleans!”) from it.

instinctive-blender still has it, and other cute things like undo, recursive envmap rendering, dozens of tools, etc…

for a linux binary

intrr…do you submit those features to be added to the official blender build or are you developing your own version?

“Now you can use booleans”

Intesect beats booleans ass any given day!!

I hate been forced to ‘water-proof’ my mesh just to be able to use booleans… and the output of booleans is by far more unpredictable than Intersect :frowning:

Besides, who said that we have to choose one method? can we have both and everyone uses whatever he likes?

Well, when I was looking in the knowledgebase and when I was browsing tutorial pages for a solution, I indeed found lots of tuts on using intersect for that, but I noticed that the button was gone. So I agree: bring back intersect! I’ll sign the petition for sure! :slight_smile:

I’m developing my own version for my own specific needs (I use Blender for actual work).

I port over SOME of the features to bf (like the audio sequencer and groupselect menu in 2.28), but most will probably stay in the tree.

Yes, the intersect button delivers much cleaner, more predictable meshes, and achieving the same results as with booleans maybe takes 10% more time (a few LKEY and XKEY presses), but is 200% cleaner :slight_smile:

Probably not… but is there a windows version of your instinctive-blender?
If so, I’d love to use it, if I may… :slight_smile:

Sorry, no Windows around here, so I can’t compile a windows version.
There’s always the source, but I didn’t ever update the M$VC files, so I guess it wouldn’t compile under win32.

I installed TuhopuuII. But where can I find that intersection button/utility. I read something about using the K button, then mousedraw and K again. But all that happens are white lines being drawn and the only way to stop it is pushing Escape… :frowning:
[>] How should I use it? Or is there a tuhopuu manual somewhere…

I think the behaviour changed to using K -> draw -> LMB

And it only works on selected edges

thank you very much!
I see that some of your extra’s from instinctive-blender will also be inserted in blender 2.29. that’s great! So all I need to do is be patient…