Interstellar Astronaut

Hi guys! This is a new work I did for composing my portfolio. It is an astronaut based on the concept of the movie “Interstellar”, hope you like! =]

“Interstellar Astronaut”


3D View:



Once more you display some really awesome work Ricardo!! You´ve got my well deserved 5 stars!!

Pasder, many thanks my friend!! :slight_smile:

This is brilliant! Would you mind sharing your node setup for the cloth material??

Hi @Ricardo_3D ,

if I can, you headset is a little small or your head too big!

Thanks Goldenfrog! I’m using Blender Internal renderer. =]

Spirou4D, thanks for observation , maybe a little really. =)

In reality, the glass of an astro/cosmonaut’s helmet does distort the head and makes it look bigger. That would be cool if that was what was happening in your render. That would be cool if light refraction could be implemented into a material in Blender, I don’t suppose it’s possible, but that would be cool.

Looks good!