intersting paper about GI (maybe useful for Durian)

Hi, just found this paper today, and thought it may be useful for Blender development.
It’s a technique that implements lightcuts with some sort of irradiance caching.
The author claims 1 or 2 orders of magnitude faster renderings compared to a classical photonmap+irradiance cache.

Since lightcuts algorithm has been implemented as a GoogleSOC, I wonder if that could be integrated in the Durian rendering recode. At first I thought about mailing the bf-committers, but maybe it’s better not pollute developer mailing lists.

So can anyone in touch with the developers tell them about this? :smiley: Thanks

bump only 1 view: maybe I have to change the thread’s title to lure more people in? :frowning:

The view counter is broken right now, so don’t sweat it too much. :smiley:

looks interesting, i’d mail it to bf-commiters if I were you, that will let a lot of people know about it.

oh, the counter is broken, thanks for telling me :o

@JayDez: I posted here first because I don’t think that spamming the mailing lists is a good idea. Maybe in a few days…
Or, be me and do it yourself :smiley:

Your title…it is misleading…-anyway…they are interesting, but they are not “intended” for Durian/Sintel, as the title of this thread suggests.

Yeah, you’re right. Sorry but english is not my native language. I’ve changed the title, is it better now?