Interviewing artists who communicates social activism


If you are an animator that communicates social-environmental issues through your art, please, I would like to interview you as part of a master thesis on “Art for Social Responsibility.”
If you are willing to help me, please, respond this message to:
[email protected]
and we will set up the interview/survey process.
Thank you very much for your help. I’m looking forward to talk with many of you.
Rita Brown

Please stop putting your thread titles with capital letters. Your post has no more right to be read than anyone else’s. Also, it seems you are posting about the same topics. How does this thread differ from your animation for social change thread?

Hi osxrules,
I’m sorry about the titles with capital letters. It won’t happen again.
This topic differs from “Animation for Social Change” because it is specific inviting artists for an interview process.
Thank you for you understanding.

hi ritabrown…

I don’t know how much you know about typing either big or small letters on internet…but using big letters is considered screaming, and therefore should be used with care…

/ztonzy - moderator

ps. I can change it for you if you want, but it is easy for you to do it also :slight_smile:

Hi ztonzy,
I really apologize for this. You are right, I don’t have a lot of experience in forums and didn’t realize I was screaming…Please, just tell me how I can change this.
I need to change: “Animation for Social Change” and “Interviewing Artists Who Communicates Social Activism”
Thank you so much,


it seems some helper have already done it ! :slight_smile:

When I saw the all caps stuff, I just thought Rita was connected to the Net using one of those old 300 baud ASR 33 Teletypes that only did uppercase ascii. Like the one my grandfather has in his basement next to the coal furnace. He hates it when the paper runs out.

stiv wrote:

I just thought Rita was connected to the Net using one of those old 300 baud ASR 33 Teletypes

actually I think she had one of those new fangled high speed jobs…

a Hayes 1200 :wink:

ahhhhhhh the good 'ol days :smiley: