Interviews The Embassy VFX About the Citroen C4 Ad Campaign.

the n-gons part:

there were no issues with pipeline integration at all. modo supported all of the data we needed natively so we could go back and forth between modo and LightWave 3D seamlessly. This was really quite critical. The only issue we were concerned about was that we used the modo subdivision surfaces extensively and so we often modeled with n-gons (more than four vertices in a polygon). Using n-gons provided a lot of freedom during the modeling process, but we were concerned since LightWave does not support n-gons. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we were able to use modo to split the n-gons into quads and then use tools like edge turning to optimize the flow of the mesh before sending it to LightWave for rendering.

cool advert. very clever

What!? You mean professionals work with n-gons?! I thought that was only for noobs, who were too lazy to plan their meshes %| cough sarcasm aside, let’s see where Ton is taking F-gons. Apparently, it is supposedly getting some n-gon functionality (like when using knife) further down the line.

Yes, I am the noob 8)

Great advert, robots in disguise…hey, there’s an idea for a movie.