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Hello everyone, I just joined this board and I hate to just lurk, so I figured I’d introduce myself. I’m 16, live in Michigan, I love science, physics, reading, Star Wars and of course, Lord of the Rings. (Heck, I fall asleep to the soundtrack at night… %| :expressionless: ) I homeschool and I am a Christian. I downloaded Blender 2.41 yesterday and I’m really excited, but it looks like it’s going to take me a LONG time to learn. (Espescially since I’m also trying to learn Alibre Design simultaneously.) I just hope someday I can make some art as good as what I’ve seen on here so far… Wow. :o Anyway, just to give this topic a point instead of just saying ‘hi’, how long did it take you to learn Blender?

P.S. If you haven’t figured out already, sometimes my posts can be a bit longwinded… :o

your never done learning
you will learn always.
wait for 2.42 and you will learn more.
i myself am going on about 3 years now started in gr 6 and am in gr 9

lol @ dm commence flaming

I’ve been with Blender for about two and a half years, but it’s been off and on, so I’m not that good. Oh, and it’s an unwritten rule that images are not allowed in sigs, so you might want to take that out before you get flamed.

Welcome to elYsiun!

^ Thanks for the warning. I want to put an Iframe in my sig, but I don’t know how to control the size with BBCode. (The other board I belong to uses HTML…)

[Edit] And um… Where are the written rules? Or is it just the stuff that I agreed to when I clicked the “I’m over or exactly 13 years old” link when I joined?

Welcome to Blender & elYsiun. :smiley:

I’ve been Blending since 2.23 in October 2002, so just over three years.

Best way to learn is from tutorials and the workshops that are hosted on these boards.


NP. We don’t allow HTML here, so you can’t use IFrames anyway.

NP. We don’t allow HTML here, so you can’t use IFrames anyway.[/quote]

Oh well, I’ll think of something. Here’s what is WAS gonna be… link Keep refreshing the page.

Hey, nice to have a new member on board.:slight_smile: I’m a homeschooled Christian, too.8) I’ve been using Blender for about 2 years, but only started getting more serious about it in the past year or so. (I still haven’t “learned” it, but I’m working on it.:wink: They add new feautures too fast.:P) I hope you enjoy the forum, and enjoy blending.:smiley:


Hey I am 15 and ive been homeschooled for the first 6 years of schooling and im christian I dont see what that has to do with blender although christians often have a good atitude and can provide helpfull comments because they care about othr people i suppose, I found blender 1 year ago.

Kansas_15 is a christion.

Good attitude is sadly in no way connected to people who say they are christians.

Have you ever seen a “honk if you love Jesus” sticker, and gotten flicked off after you honk? I know it’s a Jeff Foxworthy joke, but it’s pretty funny, and true.

Christion, would that be the christic ion, or the christous ion, and when did they make the new Christ element? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: But as to your comment, unfortunately sometimes this can be the case, but I don’t believe it is true a majority of the time. I think I heard a quote somewhere… No, it was in a song, and it said “What an unbelieving world simply finds unbelieveable is the fact that there are Christians who proclaim Jesus with their mouth, then deny him by their lifestyle.” Ouch. Good to know there are other homeschoolers on here! :slight_smile: I have been homeschooling since the end of the 4th grade, and when I graduate I hope to get a 2 year degree from ITT Tech.

Hey man, good to see more people joining our community here. :slight_smile: I have been on blender since 2.21 so about three and a hlf years. After you learn the basic functions and hotkeyes it’s easy…I would recomend you start with the tutorials on like many of us have.

Have fun blending!

I find some of those turorials a bit confusing… For instance the one on sub-surfing by GreyBeard. He used the “E” key to extrude a plane several times, and said he was holding down control the whole time so he could do multiple extrudes in a row. I found that I had to let up the control key, hit “E” then the control key again so the extrude would snap on every extrusion. And when I hit “B” for box select, how come if I don’t move the mouse for a second my cursor turns into a big circle?

[Edit] DwarvenFury, LOL nice name. I know you stole the upgrade name from the ROTK game though. :wink: "your never done learning you will learn always. " Ok, let me rephrase the question. How long did it take before you could make a halfway decent render without having to go to tuts or anything?

Ok, let me rephrase the question. How long did it take before you could make a halfway decent render without having to go to tuts or anything?

longer than i wanted it to take

I’ve been using blender since looks into the mists of the past 2.37 (qa few months) still cant really make a decent render.
BTW, I’m Pagan. Does this make me an evil heretic?

Reading Star Wars? LOTR obsessed? You sound a lot like me :smiley:
Welcome to elYsiun :slight_smile: BTW, I’m homeschooled too, (though not a christian)

dude…just HOW immature are you ?

don’t start sh*t ok ?

dude…just HOW immature are you ?

don’t start sh*t ok ?

Not very, that hurts :frowning:
I was just joking, I have nothing against Christians and see no reason why people of different religions can’t get on well together. I apologise if I came across differently. I have no problem with them (so long as they dont try to burn me :wink: .)

From the posts I have read of yours, you seem pretty mature and I will assume this was just a misunderstanding

BTW, what’s the difference between writing sh*t and shit?


i guess i just mis-understood. but ya gotta be careful with comments like that. if we keep conversations clean(especially about religion) it makes life a lot easier.

oh and about the sh*t thing…i dunno…i just like to be descreet :]