Into the Cave - Diablo4 Fan art

Hi guys!
I finally finished personal artwork “Into the cave” using cycles render for the first time. This is the fan art of Diablo4 in development.

Cycles is pretty neat, especially viewport denoise and composite system, which increase the number of iterations!!
Just only one thing, region rendering which erase last render image made me mad… :face_vomiting:
But still, I love cycles renderer!

more breakdown :

more breakdown :


reminds of, Abby from TLOU 2 . .

no boobs, construction worker abs and, arms like Tarzan . .

It’s a cool direction, for sure, really cool art . . <3

This is beautiful! :heart_eyes:

Ahh, thank you!
Body shape like that is what I want to make!

Thanks a lot!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you Bart!

Amazing work!!

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Thank you!!!

Unbelievable! Super nice picture! Congrats!

Wow, thank you Bali! :star_struck: :muscle:

This is way too good! Love the compositor breakdown! thanks for that!

Thank you Alex!
I’m happy to hear that!!

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