Into the light WARNING NUDITY

just finished this about a week ago. let me know what you think. for some reason i wasnt able to load it directly on here :frowning: if anyone has a specific reason why please let me know specifically to that item. critique is welcome.…light.png?dl=0

you want to post say even the basic amount of information ?

like say

i am NOT !!! going to just download some random bit of code WITHOUT even knowing WHAT IT IS!!!

nothing to download just links to the picture

It seems kind of dark

Let me guess it’s Star Wars Hutt Hideout on Tatooine something related to Episode VI Return of the Jedi jabba slave girl?

The scene seems fairly empty. Like the dark areas have not much going on but the female Jedi seems to be done well in terms of modeling (if modeled). However, some texture or something should be added to her as for the most part it looks like a diffuse material. The floor seems just like a diffuse material and doesn’t look like much effort was put into it. As well, the clothing seems to be a little low-poly or rough which makes it look rather strange. The cylinder/light source is also having some low-poly or sub surf issues. Please tell us if you were going for realism, stylized etc because we can’t really critique much unless we know the intended purpose :slight_smile:

Sorry this is the first thing ive ever put up for finish work, this was really me with an idea in my head. the skin is actually not just a diffuse but has a slight SSS to it to bring color around the edges. i do apologize but Im not sure what clothing you speak of.
the whole idea is that its a jedi (temple, strong hold, hideout) suddenly under attack the floor was meant to be a (durasteel) shiny black material. striving for photo realism but again this is my first real try at something cool. not just nudity for nudity sake. just what i had in my head. any tips you think that would make it better im all ears. the character is admittedly a MakeHuman model that i brought in and tweaked and sculpted on (leku obviously, among other things. muscle definition in the sides and arms.) im not sure what you mean about the cylinder light source though please elaborate?

This is fine :slight_smile: We all have to start somewhere right? The White circular structure in front of the Jedi is what I was referring to and the clothing was the object on the bed

the clothing is actually a sheet. its a plane subdivided like 7-8 times solidified added a lattice to shape it into a wave before applying a cloth mod to it and dropping it on the bed. then i applied as a shape key and went from there. admittedly the mattress and floor could be better but i only just watched andrew prices good texture tutorial after doing this render. the light in the background is a single plane that’s not actually circulair its just about 2x the width of the ocular door way. are you saying that i can achieve better lighting by subdividing that emission plane? also i have tried to do texturing but to no avail. i tied following the “how to create a realistic head” from blender cookie as far as him using the sculpting brushes to do pores and what not but i NEVER worked like his did and she always ended up looking like a scarred burn victim. any tips for that? definitely something id like to work on.

also need to work on the “texture” the colors and nodes for skin. any good tuts on that? the color variation and what not?

I annotated what I think is working against the image, hope this helps! I circled the Jedi because all though you have a nice silhouette, an incredible amount of detail is lost in her, and one again I addressed some issues stated previously. I suggest looking at the textures of similar characters’ skin to get a frame of reference for you character. It may be time consuming, but it pays off to study the real thing! I am not sure what you meant by color variation.

I think that what I would do to this picture is to c-o-m-p-o-s-i-t-e two- or three-point lighting on the rear of her body. (In other words, this layer of information consists only of lights, and her, extracted using layer-specific lighting etc. so that each light source’s effects are separate.) And then, I would, in post(!), “mix-down” this layer of lighting information so that you can precisely, subjectively, and on-the-fly “mix-down” these most-critical balances of the light.

I would also, and also separately, create forward light-and-shadow source, and a plane for the light to land on, to correspond to the floor that she’s standing on … and to create the necessary illusion of depth.

Also “in post,” deal with the room. Adequate neutral illumination of what’s in there.

And then, finally, make the real magic happen as you adjust the relative brightness, contrast, and tints. It will be a spectacular shot when you finish it, but I wouldn’t expect it all to pop-out just right in one single render.

like those suggestions thanks sundial

i do appriciate the constructive critisim guys very helpful but it does mean i now have to learn more stuff lol i know a bit about compositing (the blurr of the saber) but im not sure i understand the process you sepak of sundial?

You will always continue to learn new stuff :slight_smile: but although his technique will yield the most customizable renders, you can still just do a 3 point lighting on her to subtly bring out the form of her. Either way will help with the issues we both pointed out!

your talking VERY subtle right? the whole idea i had was in silhouette

Yes. Because with overblown or completely black colors in an image = loss of color info, loss of depth perception. We usually rely on visual cues such as shadows and shading to tell us that something has height, width and depth. With that said, upon quick glance your character almost seems to have been a flat image pasted on. There should be a key and fill light as the ocular light serves as the rim light. Any small bit of light will contribute to bringing out the 3-Dimensionalness

wow awesome again thanks for the tips

No problem :slight_smile: When you live with and older brother who is a cinematographer etc. you learn some stuff.

well i apriciate that your willing to share