INTO THE TITAN (Zark 2) Now Available
And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Into the Titan has been officially released as of this moment. :evilgrin: Builds for Windows and Linux are available, as well as 2.44-compatible .blends! (Mac build coming soon)
Blends (63.1 MB)
Windows installer (50.3 MB)
Linux build (67 MB) (outdated)
Mac (66 MB) (outdated, unstable)

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Visit one of these links for more info or screenshots:
Visit the official siteVisit the Preview threadVisit the Titan’s page at the Game Expose

Have at it!

Edit 9/11/07: Changed title as it’s not brand-new anymore.


I’m curious why is the windows installer much smaller than the blends?

Lovin the li’l comic you got there, i’ll D/L it in a mo :wink:

sweet… will download when my cap get’s re-started!! looks interesting.

Hey! cool I wanted to look at this.
I love all the snapshots you posted before :slight_smile:

The installer was made in Inno Setup, which has a wonderfully powerful compressor. The blends are just in a zip which is not nearly as effective.

Plant…you never rest…or at least, sleep a bit?!

Woah! I’m impressed, very professionally done. I’ve tried it out (loved the asteroids scene bit), although I’m currently stuck with neutralizing the purple/black ball, no matter what switches I seem to turn the purple ball stays at the bottom, while the black one stays in the middle. I’ll have to look over it a bit.

A couple bugs I noticed with the windows setup…after landing on the first planet, the arrow key to turn right is much faster than the one to turn left. Also if you hold the left mouse button and the forward key, you move faster than you normally word.

Anyway, great job! I can tell you put a lot of time into it.

P.S. Think you can write up a walkthrough? :smiley:

Excellent accomplishment! I bet this game didn’t come too easy. I made it past the airship level, and on the second island. Runs a little slow at times on my old PC, but it’s still manageable.

Facemania, I don’t know what comes with the exe., but in the .blend version he provides a ‘cheat sheet’…and thank goodness for that, because I’d never figure out the level you’re talking about! :smiley:

Ah! I just checked the folder it was installed in, and there just so happened to be a handy hints.pdf file there :smiley: I guess I should have checked before posting, but oh well! Thanks for including it plantperson!

Thanks for pointing out the bug… rotation bug will be corrected with v. 1.0.2.

hmmm…the blender game engine doesnt support any good clipping system, does it?
cause if you run fast gainst a wall you simply rujn through it…

ah, when will 1.0.2 be out then? :confused: …maybe you wait a week for more bug reports? :cool:

I’d definitely like to download this but only once if possible…:smiley:


you reall did a nice job on the artwork with this Plant Person.
I love your sound effects too, the sound ambiance is very well done.
I also like how fast you let the player in the game… very to the point menus.

I give this game the 6 Astrix award! ******+

Finally out. I will download soon! This is for me the most serious one-man-worked game of this blender community that actually came out. Great Artist you are!

Maybe next week? But don’t count on it.

First, this is great! Wonderful job - definitely worth all the time you put into it. Love the 3D cutscenes, they remind me of ViewMaster slides. I’m a bit of a Myst veteran so most of the puzzles were easy, but that Meteoroid Research Center just takes the cake.

Second, there are some bugs (at least in the windows build - connection too slow to download others). One, the ladder in the Asteroid Resort doesn’t work. Two, the lift near the teleporter in the Asteroid Resort doesn’t work (I had to hack into the blend file to finish the level). And there was that bug facemania mentioned.

Keep up the good work!

haha I’ll dl later but I gotta say… nice comic =D XD… definitely more excited for this than halo 3 =D (not a halo fan)

I took a while to reply because I wanted to play it some first…

WOW!! The level you’ve thought this out to is practically un-rivaled up to this point (except maybe Big-O) and is worthy of high praise. The interactive comics are what really got me :), that’s a awesome idea that you don’t see every day; thumbs up on that.

The only thing I could think of was the camera going through walls, but playing the game you don’t really notice it anyway. I’m really impressed; this is one heck of a blender game!!


Just finished setting up .blend and Windows build of 1.0.2…should be available tomorrow.