Into the void game

3 days ago, i started this simple game out of boredom, into the void

its a demo arcade 2d side game , i am not sure what type of game is this , but you can try it !!!

into the void game demo file.blend (3.4 MB)

top left numbers are the gas
top right bar is the life

movement: A/D
fly: W / lmb
fire : space

critic,s are welcome :slight_smile:


Health loss is a real problem here.
when standing on the plane, tapping w loses health, shooting when standing still also loses health, landing softly loses health.

When flying up the stars disappear.

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ok… ill look into this !!!
thank you for the feedback !!!

wow i looked into it(blend) thought to add some changes but you made it all out of logic, nice work! I would not even dare to try to do that with logic haha.

i wanted to suggest to get the velocity and then calculate the speed you’re landing with then apply damage or not. But this is not an option if you use bricks(as far as i know).

yeah !!! i am bad at coding !!!

i think it can be made !!! but it needs alot of experimenting…

It’s a really good start!
Tip: You can look y axis movement in your UFO physics tab and delete the invisible mesh colision

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thank you !!!
actually i haven’t think of this !!! ? good point !!! :slight_smile:

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