Into The Woods

Into The Woods is yet another animation from my Pocket Theater project.


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thank you! I really appreciate it!

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Very atmospheric - the woman running through the forest with the flashlight swinging up and down is a great visual an the overall dark lighting is great - it makes it look much more “real” than if it would be lit more brightly. Amazing work!

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Thank you! I wanted to keep lighting as minimalist as possible simulating one strong spotlight that on the movie set would work as a moon light.

Some more details:
Everything was rendered with Eevee I also used Blenders Compositor to work on render passes and color grading.
Most models are scans that I bought online (megascans,cg trader and renderpeople). I wouldn’t be able to create all 4 cinematics in this project (The Rain, Collector, Jungle Fever and this one) in 3 months without any help.
Volumes are free vdb clouds, movement of fog is just a simple transform (rotation and location).
Foliage animation is controlled by displacement map (noise) no simulations here.
As mentioned above whole project took me 3 month working after hours.
You can watch all cinematics here:
Or separately on my youtube channel :slight_smile:
Once again thanks for featuring my work!