Into The Woods

I know, is not pure blender, but hey, I love mixing different media :wink:

Blender, looots of PS… and fun!

T-Tiger for the skull
Casey-Blue for the millipede
dimelotu for the creature
[wolverine041269 for the fern


Awesome! I like how you did the hand and the eye for detail in the background :stuck_out_tongue:

It has decent composition at least.

I can see you already have an eye for putting things together and giving it atmosphere, now the task goes to learning how to make images containing nothing but your own content so you can truly call it an original work.

I understand what you mean … but my point of view is different.

First of all, sorry for my english …

:slight_smile: I will not trigger a controversy, only expressing my point of view about the definition of “original work”. :slight_smile:

Assemble different props created by other artists does not necessarily mean creating a work “not original” …

I prefer to use a good image of a skull created by people who can do it well, rather than a bad created by me, just for the vanity to be able say “Look mom, I did everything myself!”

When my skills will grow I will be able do without external aid, but the final result is my only priority, and if I have to use Blenderswap or Deviantart to get it, so be it.

There are people much more skilled than me to create some things, I am not ashamed, and I’m glad that put their talents available to us, “amateur artists”.

I conceived the idea starting from a blank sheet, modeled the most important parts of the project, and I have also tried to create other props, but with horrible results … so I had to choose between a poor quality job done all by me or a good job with the help of a friend or different software than Blender.

The artists who helped me have been very happy to see their works contribute to my work, and I’m glad I got this result with their help.

My goal is not to show how good I am, but creating a pleasant work to watch and maybe you saw be an inspiration to someone.

I know this is a forum dedicated to Blender, but without Blender this work would not exist, but even without a PS and without the contribution of other artists.

So, with all possible respect, it is all I have to say on. :slight_smile:
Again, sorry for my english

  • Davide