Intrest in a nations game?

I have an idea for a nations game where we control nations from Europe, The mideast and Asia at 1000AD. Is there any interest? Ill post rules and stuff if enough people want to play.

Is it a flash professional game of much software which can be the industry-leading environment for interactive authoring strategy and delivery of immersive experiences that are presented consistently across blender user computers, mobile devices, and screens of virtually any size and resolution ?

No, it a game that would be played on this forum with posts. The only graphics is the map.

Post rules and stuff now and maybe people will be interested.

I guess my assumption of a premiere pro software system on this site which would offer breakthrough performance for up to 3d graphics and physics and potential of leading to industry acceptable video production, with gameplay dramatically fast thanks to the presumed revolutionary native 64-bit technology norm of standard playback engines was somewhat accelerated thanks to my personal imagination.

so a bit like a turn-based thing? sounds interesting, like Age of Empires 1 with posts :smiley: i’d maybe be interested, depending on how it works and everything.

@kbot - lol, that made me laugh! :smiley:

The rules are:

-Starts at 1000AD

-One day= 5 game years

  • you control 1 nation. It does not have to have existed at that time, if you can provide a history. I will put up a map later.

-You write about what is happening in your nation. Try to post not only about your army, but your economy and culture as well.

-War plans must be sent to a 3rd party. The 3rd party will then determine what happened and write a war report. It just has to be a few sentences about what exactingly happened. Remember sometimes things don’t go as planned.

  • At 1300, I will allow colonies in the costs of Africa (the interior was called “white man’s grave” for a reason: Disease), also a few non-player states will be formed to interact with. Colonies must be approved by a 3rd party

  • At 1500, The likewise will happen with the rest of the world.


hmm…makes me think of Dungeons and Dragons :slight_smile: i’ve never actually played DaD, but i’ve heard about it.

sounds interesting :smiley: who’s going to be the 3rd Party though?

I will not play to be offical 3rd party if not enough people join. If enough people join, then the3rd party will just be someone who is neutral to the confict and would have nothing to gain by either side winning.

I never played D and D, is it about nations?

well, from what I know, no…I’ve never played either :slight_smile: i’ve played Blood&Magic and Eye of the Beholder though, which are based on D&D.

i wonder if anyone else will be interested…

Sounds interesting, I’ll give it a try.

come on. More than two people must be interested.

Also, as i dont feel like making a new thread, can anyone point me to a good non-video UV mapping tutorial?

When you receive a strategy game proposal like this to review in it’s infancy, one can only theorise via posts on it by using the basic commenting tools ie posts. These features that you describe are available with little effort. I suppose dynamic content such as multimedia could added at a later, and more advanced stage if necessary. You have my approval at this stage.

Ok, um we are just playing a game on a forum. No media production of any kind whatsoever. This thread is no request for aide for a project, and although I am programming a nation game, I am using my own art. You control your nation via posts you post about what is exactially happening in your nation during said posts.

Are you messing with me? Because your post had big words and compound sentaces, which could cause stupid forumgoers (not me) to cry and feel insulted.