Intriduction Titles

May I ask what sort of apps people use to create title intro titles to their animations, you know movie style stuff, can blender do this? if so how?


Yes, Blender can do this. All you have to do is add a text object, give it a shadeless texture, and set your camera to orthographic.

Cool, can you recommend any good tutorials or links to things that might help. I’m a relatively new blender user.


if you don’t know Blender well, a simple way is to make the text/background in the GIMP for ex, save it in PNG format at a size that matches your final animation movie, at least, and them import it in the VSE in addiction to your movie clips.
If you UV map the text image to a plane, you can animate/render some basic text animations ( move/scale).

Hi OTO, thanks I think I could manage that, I’m also interested in learning exactly what effects can be applied to on top of my animations with titles, credits etc. Fading, disolving that kind of thing.


Do Shift-A keys in the VSE window and you’ll see a effects/transitions list.

Well, when we say Blender can do it, that doesn’t mean it’s its strong point. If you don’t mind working with nodes, you should be able to get any effect you want, but other video editing packages may be quicker and easier to start with. As far as tutorials, a search on youtube for “Blender Text Tutorial” should bring up plenty of hits. Also, I can recommend these: