Intrigue, finally not WIP

The model of a 1998 Intrigue that I have been working on is finally good enough for me. Here is a link to a page containing images and a few videos:

Tell me what you think!

404 :frowning:


Very nice. Dont know what else to say. It looks like you put a LOT of work into it, the subsurf remodelling must have been fun:)

Looks nice! Lots of improvements from the first one I saw. How did you make the lights? Is that just a simple texture?


Great job! Only 1 point:

You placed nice envmap on car to make nice reflection, but you forgor the wheels! Wheels don’t look chrome but gray plastic.

Try some envmapping there too!


Are the sides of the car supposed to look like they are warped? Maybe it is just the reflection map but the surfaces to do not appear smooth to me. Otherwise, great work!

Ciao for now!

Curtis S

There should be a clear line of deformation following the front fender all the way back along the side. If it is not that, than it is the reflection. You will notice the reflection distortion on the windows as well, which are basically flat. I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of that.

nemisis: The lights themselves are geometry.
The texturing on the lights is not a simple texture. I think that there are three layers, one “dirt” map, one bump map to add some randomness to the reflection, and an environment map set to “emit”

I made some tweaks to the tire material as sugessted to make them more crome-like. Here is an update:



Like it :slight_smile: