Intrigue in snow - Animated

(stephen2002) #1

I have finsihed the animation for the Intrigue going through the snow. Here is the page:

(SKPjason) #2

Dude… that is jo so fricking awesome, amazing, superbly rendered…

Holy cow…

The snow coming off the tires was the coolest thing… gave quite a sense of movement and momentum.

I am just so hopped up on getting to see the “still” in motion… I thought your original pic post was the end-all be-all - but now you give us this… Amazing man - and those trees are just so uber cool…

Good job

Jason :wink:

(BgDM) #3

Any chance of a bigger image on the anium though. Kinda small.

I agree with SKPjason, the flying snow made this look that much better!


(stephen2002) #4

I am glad to hear that you like the flying snow. I think that this the least realistic element of the scene, but I am glad that it adds something.

With my current web host, there is no chance of getting a higher-resolution animation uploaded. The file is only a few KB below the file size limit :frowning:

Any ideas for a better host? I really like 50megs for the 512MB of bandwidth limit. It is so high, and other places (like geocities) are always haveing bandwith problems.

Thanks for the comments!

(paradox) #5

Wow, I too liked the snow effect, as well as the rest of the scene.


(S68) #6


The snow do add a lot to the scene! I assume it is a front drive car, since snow comes from front tires only… nethertheless some little snow movement in connection to back weels might be nice :slight_smile:

keep it up


(stephen2002) #7

Yes, it is a FWD car. There is a small amount of snow comming up off of the back wheels, but since the car is going in a straight line and the front tires are compacting most of the snow, it did not make sence to have a big particle system off the back wheels.

Thanks for all of the comments/suggestions!