Intro Anim Part II - Salmon

(RipSting) #1

Here’s a salmon model that will be animated alongside the seagull I created earlier. I think fish are the easiest animal to model besides a snake- and very easy to texture as well. I used Deep Paint 3D with Texture Weapons to modify the UV texture maps, generating a color, bump, and specular map from the original image. Photoshop would have been just as easy though.

I already added a whole skeleton, but don’t feel like making an animation right now;)

The original texture came from this site:

(S68) #2

/me gasps in amazement :o


(harkyman) #3

Yeah, Blender’s renderer does a nice job on relatively smooth, wet finishes. A fish is just about perfect for it. Maybe the trout should be Blender’s mascot animal instead of the monkey. BTW, nice model and textures. Looking forward to your finished work!

(pofo) #4

Looks great

(kaktuswasse) #5

nice. Especially the wet effect is great!

cya henrik

(Detritus) #6

It´s really great! I must say that you are one of the best 3d-artist I´ve seen! But one thing that´s quite unrealistic is that the Eye seems to be a part of the body and not an independent sphere. Don´t know if I´m making myself clear here…

(blengine) #7

looking great ripsting! yeah, aorund the eye area is a lil unreal, but the body is amazing

(sten) #8

looks great

is it a real photo of the fish mapped on ?

(rndrdbrian) #9

Looks good Ripsting.

The only problem I see is that the eye doesn’t look very real.

Have you modelled the eye seperately? If not, it might be an idea.

Still, pretty good texturing.