Intro for children's music videos

Hello! First post here and my first Blender project.

I’m working on an intro for a series of music videos aimed at children. I want to give the videos a recognizable and cozy framing with a toy-planed feel to it. I have tried to achieve this “toy feeling” by using heavy DOF and disproportional sizing of houses/grass/trees/vehicles.

I’ve been working on this project way to long, and learned so much, but I start to feel that I’m done with the basic elements and would like to get feedback on more general things as composition, colors, pace and overall feeling.

The videos will be in Swedish, and the phrase “TIll rymden och tillbaka” means “To space and back” which is a rewrite of the expression “I love you to the moon and back”. I’ve included swedish vehicles (Saab, Volvo, Scania truck) and typical swedish buildings/vegetation.

I have added basic audio, but will try to finalize them when the video is done.

I’ve included three normal resolution images and a movie preview.

Since this is my first post I can’t include the movie and all images, so here’s the link to my google drive instead:

The preview movie is rendered in low resolution with way to few samples (the denoiser doesn’t like my grass), but hopefully it can give you the feeling I’m trying to convey.

So I’d really appreciate honest criticism and feedback on the overall look and feel, or if you have other ideas on how to make this video pop even more.

Thanks in advance!

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