Intro for documentary format


I’m working currently on an intro for a documentary format for our Youtube channel. The format will contain background stories all around wolves. I have done a basic draft but there’s a few things I’m not yet happy with. The camera move for instance needs some polishing but there’s also a fairly long time from the appearance of the last tiles till the end where not much is happening. I’d be grateful for ideas and feedback. My Blender skill level is just one or two clicks above total newbie…


Here’s the current state:


  • Replaced the static tiles with video clips
  • Put the whole thing inside of a beige sphere to counteract the “black hole background”-effect
  • Changed the camera move a bit
  • During the time between the appearance of the last tile until the logo stop, now the camera moves to a closeup of a “story-tile” for a few secs
  • Render time exploded :frowning:

Next step, I would like to see a bit more happening, e.g. some lines/trails. What would be the easiest way to have a line/trail animation stick to the inside of the outer sphere the whole time? Can I use an object as a motion path guide for another object?

Current status: