intro for duncan aka Mobilephone 2003

Blender f1 challenge deadline has passed, my entry is submitted.
Now the question is: what next?
I decided to create an intro for the youtuber mobilephone 2003 / Duncan.
check out his channel, he has some cool vids on windows tweaks and free software:

He made a video asking his fans to create a intro for his clips.
Requirements were:
feature him, his name and his webpage
stay under 15 seconds.

i have taken the challenge and created a small animation (btw my first one using ipos)
please download it here:
i dint upload it to youtube because i dont want to upload it there before its finished.
The last frame will be streched over a few more frames so you can see his webadress, i will do that in some other software later on.
I’m also using nodes for a glow effect, but that is not included in this file, but will be in the next version.
any c&c is greatly aprechiated

Here is how it looks like with glow:
[![ pics/duncan%20glow_thumb.png]( pics/duncan%20glow_thumb.png)]( pics/duncan%20glow.png)

Another edit:
Just remembered that i already created a clip with glow, its not as i want it to be but you may want to have a look: