Intro for YouTube and Twitch

Hey everyone,

I recently started streaming on Twitch and will be editing some of my videos to upload to my YouTube channel as well :eyebrowlift:. I would really like everything to look as professional as possible, hence me being here :yes:. So I need an Intro that will work for both YouTube and Twitch, also I’m thinking an outro for my Twitch channel would look nice as well. I don’t have any hard set ideas of exactly what i would like :spin:, so it’s pretty much an open canvas for the artist who chooses this venture. Whatever you need from me just ask; list of games i play/played, interests, personality, age, who I dated in middle school :cool:, Idc anything you need to help sculpt the best intro and outro to fit my channel. PM me if your interested, we can discuss ideas you have, payment options and amount, etc.


Sent you a message, Thank you for the opportunity!



Position has been filled, thanks everyone!