Intro to Scripting in Python - Create a Split Flap Display - Blender 2.61 and 2.62

here is the first part of the tutorial, this is in fact a good introduction to scripting in Python for blender 2.61 and 2.62. I’m going to try to create the next tutorial asap.

here is a render I’ve done of the alarm clock using 3 split flap displays

This one cover mainly a script that duplicate your screens and their axes a number of time around their axes.

In part 1b I’m covering 2 other python scripts:
1 – how to delete a lot of object in a scene at once depending on their name.
2 – how to rename multiple objects in a selection by replacing some part of their actual name.

I hope it makes sens and that you find it useful


This time it’s part 2! and it’s a good one! In this part I’m showing how to create the animation of the screens by using a driver with an f-curve connected to 2 variables.

Just to make sure, at the end of the video I went a bit fast… to duplicate all the screen the last time, I pressed Alt+P in my text editor to run the script and that’s how I end up with the finish product!

I hope you will enjoy it!!!

In the next part we will look at the texture, using a script to help us because placing texture on 50 objects front and back is really time consuming! So keep posted!


All the part of this tutorial are now done and available on:

Also there are some part of the script that are available on this post.

part 1b