Intro to scripting, polygon-related

(Valentino) #1

Looking to learn some scripting, making tools in python for blender?

I think i’ll start around polygon modelling tools,
can i get some pointers on what to read or where to look into?
I promise i won’t break stuffs.

(Okavango) #2

Hi Valentino. There are many sources for learning python. However, the one way we’ve all gone through is studying existing addons. Choose an addon that has some features interesting to you and try to recognize the place where that feature is defined or controlled. Then try to change something and see what happens.

Also, you can turn on the text editor in Blender and load one of the python templates. They are simple and you can see them in action immediately.

(Valentino) #3


These are much better than the manuals…
Someone should write it there…