Intro videoanimation

This is intro animation of (still unnamed) adventure game I work with some more people as my personal project (and it is not of Ron Loo game, which is my job) :slight_smile:

xvid encoded

it was really nice(And i mean REALLY nice) but thing only thing that i really hated was how the moon moved different then the sky, with that limited camera movement they should seem to move at the same speed.

Hey, pretty nice!
1 thing I noticed was the way the moon moved oddly when the camera zooms back into the cell.
But I love it all, especially the music!

Very good so far - it looks really promising - who made the music?

I agree about the moon.

Friend of mine-quite talented fellow, he always got all public attention from our projects (and all the girls as well) but still I wouldn´t change him for any other music composer :smiley: