Introduce Yourself...

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had this idea for a thread for a while now, and I’ve seen it implemented on other forums, however after searching and browsing there doesn’t seem to be one here.

This is a thread to introduce yourself: to say hi to the community, and to tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’ll start off…

Hi, I’m Alex. I’m 16 and I live in Liverpool, UK. I’m currently studying Interactive Media at college, which is very cool. I also work at a local Riding For The Disabled (RDA) charity, and have done for the past 4-5 years, where I look after an awesome 15.3hh horse called Pharaoh. I’ve also high-fived James Blunt (heh, my claim to fame!). I’ve had blender for at least 3 years, version 2.25 I think was my first. I mainly use the game engine side of blender, but I’ve entered a few modelling contests and I’ve used the compositing features a bit. My website is for those who are even more curious! Have a nice day

I hope this thread can be of use... so what are you waiting for? Say hi too :yes:

This thread will be good for new members, I’ve seen forums like various Dragonkin sites and the CitiesXL forums that have a forum for introducing yourself but that will probably not happen here soon.

Good day or evening! my artist name is Fahassani in it also my real name. I do 2D/3D art and composer.
hoh what I miss… right!, I work my a** of 5 to 11h a day, I am a boss of my own self.
I was learning A+ and was about to take MCSE and N+ ( too much happened after that long story:RocknRoll:) so blender come in my life, back in 2003, it opened doors that I did not think of.
I am a Gamer played the good old days adventure games all the way to THE best FPS!
…; thinking…thinking… Hoh yes… AND what I need is to learn more and more, to me personally learning to infinity and beyond.
chapter ? once A good night I read a thread from tb1alexc ,It was a COOL topic so I replyed.
chapter 0~0 this is funny I can`t stop… so it end here for now…:confused:
thank you.
you next dude, what!? introduce yourself: … !

hello, me names Nitros:eek:, I’m 17 and i live in Auckland,NZ. Bin around blender since v.2.46 (heheh yay!:yes:) So im a fresh “n00b” and im here to terrarize BAF with my questions and general nonsense. So yeha look out for me on the forum


Ha, I never really introduced myself before, so here goes…

I am Becs, Becca, Rebecca, RJ, whatever other variations of my name you’d like, just please, for Pete’s sake, don’t call me Becky.:wink: I’m 14 years-old and homeschooled. I was born in South Africa and moved to Florida, US at the age of 6. I have always been very interested in art, but digital art caught my attention at age 8. Last spring, I became interested in animation and got started in Anim8or. Last September, little less than a week before the 2.45 release, I upgraded to Blender! I’m especially fond of the physics engine and particle effects. Other than art, I am a HUGE horse and rodeo enthusiast and am the proud owner of Zion, a twenty-three year-old barrel horse, the half-brother of one of the greatest barrel horse sires in history. I actually competed once last summer, and did fairly decent. I also enjoy reading, playing with kitties, dancing, hanging with little kids (about ages 4-10) photography and coffee. For the record, I wear glasses because I can’t see very well, I am partially deaf in my right ear because of numerous ear infections as a baby and being very prone to ear infections still. I also have trouble smelling things, and I can’t wear stainless steel, allergy resistant jewelry, because it makes my skin turn green.:eek: I have also met (or maybe annoyed slightly, na j/k) many professional bullriders and have their autographs to prove it! And just for details sake, you can tell the season by the color of my hair. In spring, it’s a reddy-light brown, summer dark blonde, autumn ash-blonde, and winter light brown.
Edit: Oh! I forgot to say that I am a language fanatic and I want to be multi-lingual.:o

Now you know all kinds of random gobbledegook about me, if you actually took the time to read it;)

I’ll go next, since RedJay is my cousin. I am 26 years old, female and of Cherokee ancestry on my dad’s side. At the age of 20, I discovered a little program called Anim8or :smiley: and began to play with digital art. I also tried a variety of apps: Nendo, Wings3D (for modeling), Lightwave and Vue d’Esprit. I came back to 3d art and art in general about 2 months ago and am still learning Blender, as I have a full time job and it is not easy to come home from work and get into a big project at 10 p.m. (when you have to be at work at 6 a.m. the next morning). Last summer I completed my GIAC certification in Information Systems Security.

I like working with children (including at one time special needs kids), snorkeling (a lot of fun), drawing, photography, playing basketball and softball, and cooking. I have acted in a theater/performing arts company, and I began classical mime training at the age of 9. (No, don’t ask if I can do the invisible box. Walls/ceilings/doors were some of the first things we learned- booooring.) I played the trumpet in school (and the steel drums a little :D). I love cats, dolphins, manatees(I have seen them in the wild- they’re cool) and a good cup of coffee ;). Oh and like most of us ladies, I LOVE to shop (especially shoe shopping).

Moonflower cousin RedJay !
who is next here has family’s here?!
this thread will be a great one I feel,
tb1alexc I thank you! (why i den`t think of this before Ereree!)

You can call me Barry as in Diamond.:smiley: I was born in a small log cabin in Midtown Manhattan. To a farm family. We had a small piece of farmland right in the heart of Midtown, that we farmed diligently and furiously because of the traffic. Because the buses would come and squash our crops.:wink:

Moonflower and RedJay cousins, well that explains everything.:evilgrin:

Heh, I’ll introduce myself even though I’ve been here for at least six years! Go me…

So, my name is Silja and I live in Raahe, Finland, and I’m 22 years old. I was 15 or 16 when I started using Blender. I hadn’t used any 3D programs before that, and now it’s difficult for me to use any other programs. Blender’s just so much better :stuck_out_tongue: I study animation at Lybecker Institute of Crafts and Design, and I’m supposed to graduate this spring. I also have a job, in Oulu. I draw, design, model, texturize, rig and animate characters, objects and worlds for a game. Toni Alatalo works there, too. Also one of my fellow animation students worked there for a while (because we had to go to a job training as a part of school). I live with my boyfriend Jukka in a small-ish apartment in a three-storey building. We’ve been together for a bit over two years, now. We met at Lybecker, since we were in the same class then. He quit school six months ago… We’ll be getting engaged soon, in a few months, when Jukka’s sister has her baby :slight_smile:

On my free time I like to read, draw, paint, model, watch movies and play games. We have a PS2, an XBox, a DS and a NES, so we have over 70 games when count together O_O I’m more of a PlayStation girl, and Jukka plays fps-games on the PC. Occasionally we play Super Contra and Double Dragon 2 together :3

For my art, go here:

Random stuff: Rammstein, Metallica and Macabre are my top favorite bands at the moment. My hair is black and reaches over half-way down my back, my eyes are green, blue and brown (real funny), I’m 154 cm tall and I weigh about 59 kilos (at least I did a year ago). I’m very good at cooking. My username here used to be Sily, but I changed it. I think my favorite movie is the Fifth Element. I named my dad’s cat Voldo :smiley:
I love coffee and chocolate :3

Mmm… coffee and chocolate. I like them together too :smiley:

I forgot to mention that I have dark brown/black hair and my eyes are an odd shade of brown, sort of halfway between brown and hazel (I guess almost an amber color- someone once told me they were the color of a tiger eye)

@ Forace , you weigh 59 kilos, will I am under 53kg! I think I am 173cm . as for my hair , will did not have a hire cut more than 5 months.
BTW, I call Jukka for A Gamer Vs Gamer , CSS or BF2 MOHAA etc!
and my other friend want to get him!

Mmm… coffee and chocolate. I like them together too :smiley:
you need to give it a name!
I come think of it I never taught about what I drink ! who knows maybe i had 2 in 1 mix!
now I’m drinking something called Tezan-tea

Here goes nothing, Ladies and Gents! My name in the real world is Ash and I just turned 20 this week (on a Wednesday), I was still in high school when I first read about Blender and has been studying it for some time, but it wasn’t until years later that I found Essential Blender and learned from that (Noob to Pro was… tedious, to say the least). I used to be in college but now working full-time and chasing a chef apprenticeship (my aptitude test is on December 1, how frightful is that?). My hobbies and interests are collecting things, cooking, philosophy, adventuring randomly, ranting, reading, writing poems, stories and lyrics, watching old sci-fi shows and learning new things every day :slight_smile: and I like everything when it comes to eating except egg yolks, pumpkins and aubergines/eggplants and I’m also quite sensitive to chemicals, leaving me no choice but to use organic cleaning products. End of rant, boys and girls, hope you all enjoyed it :slight_smile:

happy bday dude!!!:smiley:

This Is a pretty interesting post… :smiley:
Hello everyone, my name is Christian, and I live in Romania(run away from this country :wink: =)) ) . The first time I “navigated” on a computer was when I was about 3. The coolest thing I’ve done was when my father putted a password on Windows 95, I didn’t find the password , then I pressed Esc and the system started :). I began modelling(proper modelling) at the age of 10, although I’ve seen before how 3ds max and blender looks(only :smiley: ); I’ve started with Wings… My father was telling me about 3d design, and he began to model something. When I saw what he does, I started to begin “eating” 3d modelling. I was amazed by the fact that you can do MAAAANY cool things, and the only limit is your imagination. After Wings, I tested K-3D, but I didn’t like it’s interface, and at about the age of 11 I started to learn Blender. At about 12 I knew all the basics of Blender , from manipulating to animation, softbodies and particles( Very cool experience, indeed). Now I model for pleasure, and try to get better and better into 3D by practising!! I can’t wait to get good enough, and when I will, I will be able to sell 3D models. Right now I’m able to earn my keep( Very cool feeling). Start blending Hard and I’ll guarantee you will be happy one day;) ( I hope…:D). About me??? Well I like games very much(and also modelling), playing football( just for fun :)), I also enjoy reading(Oh yes, read as much as you can, You’re gonna need it). Now, I’m 15. (Do you want a coffee?? I make good coffee :D). (You can read my signature)-Thanks for bothering to read this-

My name is justin, I’m 15, pretty much all I do is play bass or use blender…and i just got hired at kfc =]

LOL. I’m Eric. My screen name is based on the names of the 2 cats I’ve owned (or that have owned me, depending on how you look at it), Teela is my current cat, Klaatu died in 2000 at the ripe old age of 18. Hint - both names come from science fiction. I just turned 50 in June, 3 weeks later I was diagnosed with diabetes and prostate cancer. Happy Birthday, Eric! So, diet and exercise mods have the diabetes under control, and I’m almost done with radiation therapy for the cancer, with every expectation of eradication. I started out with Anim8or 2 or 3 years ago, discovered Blender in '06, and have been learing ever since. I’ve an art degree, did animation the old-fashioned way back in the early 80s, and I do photography and sculpture and generally like making stuff. I’ve lived in Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, Minnesota, Germany, Japan, and Okinawa at various times, and have worked on mainframes, minicomputers (DEC Alpha), and of course PCs. I do data analysis for the world’s largest delivery company, the US Postal Service. Married 24 years, 1 kid. Life is good. Peace…

Hello, my name is… classified. I am found blender at age 13 at v2.45 and have been with it ever since. I mostly use the GE and make some small game models(nothing good yet), although I do play with fluid sims. I am a Bible belives Christian and am proud of it. No family on this forum.

My name’s Dan - you can find out where I’m from by checking the info panel to my left >> that’s right, Robin Hood and Brian Clough country, for them that’s in the know… :yes:

I’m 27, live with my wife and baby daughter, dog, cat and rabbit. I discovered Blender relatively recently (circa 2.45). I work at a small company called The Media Group in Nottingham, working in motion graphics, editing, multimedia programming, DVD production and project management. Outside of work (which is a rapidly decreasing slice of my life) I like films, reading, participating in forum discussions, learning, music, skateboarding, surfing and a little something I like to call Pro Evo.

Oops - forgot to mention I’m also a moderator on one of the best Blender forums on the internet - . All I’ll say is: if you like this thread you’ll love BU.

Glad to see that you guys are getting some use out of this thread :slight_smile: D.A.V.R.O.S, happy birthday man! klaatuteela, hope the cancer gets sorted out mate :slight_smile:

Cheers guys!

ouh, interesting thread …
my name is Mohamad Fadhil Bin Yaacob. call me Fadhil. I’m 13 years old ( born on 1995 ). For some days, i will turn 14 :). i live in Malaysia …

I discovered 3D since i was young ( around 7 years old ) which was introduced by my brother… At that time, I using Lightwave 3D. I was interested in 3D. It challenge my imagination.

Around 10 years old, my brother introduced me to Blender 3D. He said that, Blender 3D is an Open Source software and you freedom to customize it or use it for commercial work. Previously, i used the ‘pirated’ Lightwave that i bought at the street for about USD 2 only.:evilgrin:

now, once i grow up, i feel comfortable with Blender 3D. And, lately, i’ve upgrade my workstation and i want try to use Yafray and LuxRender for more efficiently.:slight_smile: