Introduce Yourself...

I think I am possibly related to IamInnocent somehow as I don’t know of too many families that share our last name.

I like to think everybody knows me (yeah, right :wink: ), but here goes:

I am a fire dragon (nov, 1976) called Nathan from the family Letwory. I was born in the Netherlands in a cool place called Zwolle. I started studying Finnish at the university of Groningen in 1995 and in 1997 I went for an exchange program to Finland. I still live there in Turku.

I am a Blender core developer. I maintain the scons build system and am a Windows platform maintainer. I have implemented PyNodes and some other smaller stuff. Currently I’m also involved in Blender 2.5 development. I like to make screencasts of the Work In Progress:

I run some services like Planet Blender, Blenderstorm and the finnish community site for

Other than loving to hack away on Blender, I enjoy spending time with my family.

If I still have time left then, I might log into the EVE Online universe or play another of the 100+ bought-and-payed-for games I own :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I’ve been posting replies here since July 23, 2005.
There are members that know my name but most people on the internet just call me “AniCator” or “Ani”.
I’m 17 years old and I live in The Netherlands in a cool place named <classified>.
I’m a 3D animator, Music Composer, Writer, Director, 2D Artist, Game Designer and Programmer.

This is my 1995th post on this forum.

Feel free to ask me any questions,

- AniCator

Hi my handle is HelgorHackbert or Hackbert for short and I’m new to this forum.

I’m neither a professional 3D-artist nor any other kind of professional and have been using blender only for some weeks now, but I’m willing and trying to learn more :wink:

I am 25 summers old, living in a small town, somewhere in Germany, where I try to be creative in as many ways as possible :wink:

If interested, you can visit my dA site to take a look at some semi finished ->pictures or ->scraps i did with blender.

I never used any 3D software before, so I’m still working on figuring out some basic stuff :wink:

Anyway, when I’m not wasting my time at the computer or daydreaing, I mostly stick to “traditional” crafts, which - in my case - means I like to do stuff with wood, leather and bone… or smearing walls with paint… occasionaly forging something out of scrap metal - none of which I’d consider myself to be really good at, but I’m doing it mostly for the fun anyway.

anyway klick -> here <- for some bad examples of what kind of stuff I seldom finish (I really have to take some more up-to-date pictures sigh)

Well, yes, it’s all a lot of crap, but I’m working on improving it all; my blender- as well as the other skills :wink:

When I’m neither at the pc, nor hammering things into shape, I mostly stuff our dwelling with parts of gnarled wood, various animal bones and skulls and… basically everything i come across that sparks my interest. Which is a lot, so there isn’t really much room left for living or working :wink:

Well, I guess I didn’t really tell much about myself, but I’m tired and my girlfriends cat is annoying me :wink:

Bah, good night to all of you - or good morning.