Introducing Blender Haggis Tools

Over the last couple of months during production, I have been making tools to help speed up the workflow, some of these include Empty - Selected Vertex, Create Collection with Object name, and a whole bunch of other quality of life improvements.

As of today, I have bundled them in a neat little package.

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Watch the video:

Some of the tools

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Some pretty big changes and updates coming on Friday


Haggis Tool V1.1.3 Development Log 28/01/2022

  • Point Release Update
  • Fixed Camera toggle, now acts correctly and gives better visual feedback
  • Ctrl + ALT + Numpad 2 = set perspective to camera, lock and “home” focus
  • add empty on selected object | Location | Rotation | Scale
  • move selected into a collection
  • Materials removed unused slots on selected
  • added keymap “INS” to bring up haggis tools in 3dview
  • Ui elements can now be toggled on/off … for example, quad view and skip frame
  • Add to animation menu - Lock Location | Rotation, and Scale on active or Selected
  • Add to animation menu - Unlock LRS on Selected
  • Removed reset location and rotation from animation menu, double function this can be found in the clear object menu
  • Added reset all 3 LRS on selected objects
  • Added Store and Recall selection
  • Cleaner and more structured Menu’s
  • Store and Hide selected Objects
  • Recall Hidden Objects
  • Hide by Type
  • Save and Timestamp: Compress Remap Save Copy
  • Store and recall active camera


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Thanks for the great update! I am really enjoying the add-on and I quite liked the System > Low Fi option. haha.

I have a request for a future addition. Could you create a feature that if you apply transforms on an object that has a negative scale (mirrored) it will flip the objects normals as well? That would be incredibly helpful!

Thanks again for the great add-on!

thanks for the support
I think I can implement that request, I don’t see why not… maybe a little bit of trickery is required but it’s not out of the realms of impossible, I get what you mean but if you can explain step-by-step I can replicate it.

Great! I really appreciate taking a look at this. Here’s a quick video showing the process:

  1. Scale object -x on any axis (script should check this)
  2. Apply Scale
  3. Flip Normals

so the steps in my head are …
select active object, check if the scale sits on the -
Apply _Scale
Flip Normals

  • that’s about the best method I can think of, I can’t make it interactive otherwise as soon as it hits the - it will run the operator, let me test it brb

Edit how are you flipping normals in object mode, do you have an addon for that ? I thought it was edit command- what’s the pie menu for ?

video has audio *

Apply Transformation and Flip Normals - test
I might need to expand on it and make a few additional tools, for example, what if you have poly selected in edit mode, means I would need to select all the mesh

more than one object, autocheck negative scale , auto mirror - I have a few ideas.

Will search each object with a -negative scale, select them , apply transform the flip normals…

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Absolutely awesome! Thank you very much for adding this in so quickly!

1.1.4 features drops Friday

Apply Transformation Flip Normals
Flip selected objects normals - in object mode
Add guide toggle for camera display
Ui toggle elements are now saved with preferences
Select Scale on negative, Apply Transform, Flip Normals
Select object with negative scale
Select objects with negative X,Y or Z location
add color walk for collection, will color collections 1 to 8 then loop back around - added to collection menus
Save preferences add to system tools menu
selects objects that are disabled in render
select objects that have holdout
added selection tools menu to main menu
moved true random select to Selection Tools Menu
added select by poly count smaller or = , greater or equal to

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Thanks for the awesome update!

There was one tweak I was wondering if possible. Could you make the Mesh to Object / Object to Mesh utility work on multiple objects? I had tons of extracted parts that I had to cycle through one by one. haha.


I’ll take a look mate.

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so I made it work on multiple objects, and it works but you also need to be careful because if you have spare data like a cube deleted from the scene, it will approach it and rename it cube.001, I think what I am trying to say is you need to approach it with caution.

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Would it be possible to add a feature that would allow you to search/replace file extensions in Blender? I had to convert the textures a project from .tga to .png to reduce file sizes. Luckily I came across this script, but I figured it might be a nice addition to the tool.

import bpy
for img in
    img.filepath = img.filepath.replace('.tga', '.png')