Introducing character animation with blender book

Hi Has anybody bought the book Introducing character animation with blender by Tony Mullen-

iv been working in lightwave for 2 years now, producing cartoons and have decided to take the plunge and learn blender, and from what I have seen I really like it- the animation controls seems light years ahead of lightwave.

I have purchased the essential blender book as well as bounce, splash and tumble, and was wondering if its nessesary to still buy introducing character animation with blender, or do the other 2 books cover everything that is covered her? :eyebrowlift2:

I would. I have it and it covers quite a bit that the Essential Blender doesn’t (I have it too).
I would work through the Essential Blender, then Introducing Character Animation, then Bounce, Tumble and Splash as it is not aimed at Blender beginners. It would be better to first do the two books that are.
Essential Blender covers Blender basics, ICAwB covers Character Animation, but simple and easy enough for beginners. BTaS covers the physics and such, (haven’t bought it) and is not extremely simple like the other two from what I’ve heard.
You also might want to look into Roland Hess (aka harkyman here) new book, Animating with Blender, How to Create Short Animations from Start to Finish
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While I haven’t purchased the essential blender book, I have both of Tony Mullen’s books, and they’re both excellent. I agree with Redjay on what they cover.

But once you’ve gone through ICAB, I cannot recommend the Mancandy FAQ enough. Its been made a little more recently, and has some advanced character animation topics. Buy the DVD, if you want to support the foundation. But you can download the movie tutorials off just to check them out.


Those books have helped me a lot in learning Blender. The DVD’s (Mancandy and CF) have been wonderful additions to my Blender learning experience. I am kind of curious on how Blender for Dummies will be.