Introducing gama-blender

Introducing gama-blender,
a generic simulation framework on the top of Blender!

The general idea is to add agents to an environement, and associate a behavior to those agents.


Agent("myBlenderModel", "Class", "sim.spicies.module")

Scenes are built by Python script, for easy sharing, code versioning.

You can easily add agents, environements, behaviors. Respectively in:

  • Blender model in data/agents (with physics properties)
  • Blender model in data/environements
  • Python class implementing a step method in sim/species

Open source (BSD on github)

What does it do? like what does it add, or am I missing something?

You need to explain it better maybe a blend example will do.

The idea behind this demo (it’s not a full featured simulator, more a proof of concept)
is to provide an easy-to-start simulation environement for research topic covered by some existing simulators as gama, repast, netlogo, and others…