Introducing my portfolio

Hi guys,

I hope that this will be the right place to post this…

My name is Javier Galán (also know as Chronoh), I’m a graphic designer from Barcelona interested equally in traditional and digital art.

Some people probably reminds me from the yafray team (I’m the current designer of the project and I ellaborated some articles about it on a Spanish Publication: Todo Linux).

I want to introduce my portfolio:

Stay tuned for incoming updates (I plan to put some works more in the next few weeks).

Thanks for your time and hope you like my work :slight_smile:

Està molt bé, pero trobo que hi falta teca. A veure si amb el temps l’acabes d’omplir

Hi Chronoh,

First advice, put 2D section before 3D section. Show only your best artwork. All of them are good, but in the 2D section I think you need to be a bit more selective. I think that many of your 2D artwork is quite good.

Arrange the 3D section the same as the 2D section, with all the thumbnails seen at first glance, for a better overview of your work and make thumbs a bit bigger.

Besides, you should include yafray website in your portfolio. Clean and original desing.

The Blender WC scene is superb. As soon as I recall, it is
selected among the pictures shown at the Yafray site, or
something like that…hmmm…I’ve seen it before, don’t
remember very well where…

Keep on going!!!

The advices that are here given to you are good ones.

Just follow them…and you’re right into it!!!


Juan Javier Martínez
Madrid, Spain.

Thanks guys,

I’m agree with some of your crits, in fact I planned to add inmediatly the website and logo portfolio. On the other hand, I want to mantain the current 3d gallery schema becuase I’m interested on the foot notes. The reason is because the concept of some of my works are taken directly from recent magazines and books as exercises to show my skills and I’d like to make clear that that’s where the ideas come from.

When my 3d samples number will be increased I’ll probably make another gallery schema.

Stay tuned for updates :slight_smile: