Introducing myself :)

Hello there!

My name is Giorgio and I am an Italian vfx student. I study in Hatfield at University of Hertfordshire and I am about to start my third year :slight_smile:

I am mainly focused on rigging, creaturefx and organic modeling as I have a strong passion for cg creatures, but I do enjoy all the tasks that are related to the production of cg pieces :slightly_smiling_face:

I am currently learning blender even tho I study the mainstream programs at University (Maya, Zbrush etc…). I am struggling a bit because of the transition from those software to blender, but I managed to customize it so that my brain doesn’t break when I have to go to unversity/work and when I want to do personal work XD

As a rigger I am interested on learning blender API, and I am finding some issues there as well coming from a mel (even if supported by python) experience.

All in all I am enjoying the process of learning this software which I think is A MIRACLE, because nowadays it can really compete with big mainstream competitors that are super expensive, and am really excited with what I can obtain from it.

I can’t wait to become more proficient with it!


Welcome Giogio! Feel free to share your work/WIP if you like :slight_smile:

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