Introducing NAOTO IKEDAN

Before I start making 3D renders. I saw video Megurine Luka “Corruption Garden” on youtube and did a heavy research on who is the author behind the video. I’m a bit surprised that a breathtaking video was made by a single Japanese person. Naoto Ikedan.

So I decided to study his style and get ideas from it. I idolize him so much and he is my CG hero. This is his site.

After you see the site. Can you please share your impressions or even tell me what you think of his style.

Thank you so much and good day! :slight_smile:

i think you would make alot of money if you went into making porn just saying xD

can you link the video too ?

Sure,. Here it is.

It’s a promotional video Ikedan created for a software called SHADE 12.

Well he sure does know how to get some things right. I mean a lot of the materials and shaders he uses look pretty solid.
I’m not going into the anime discussion here but what I do have to point out is that all his models and characters look as if they are dead inside. I mean there is no emotion in their faces. The eyes make them look like they have a shred of it, but as soon as you notice that they all have the exact same expression you’re stuck wiht it and you can’t unsee it.
It’s a bit of a shame because this man has talent.

It looks awesome though and I think you’re very much in your own right to be a fan of this man’s work.

thankyou :slight_smile:

by the way, I dont think is the same person of the video :slight_smile: