Introducing new verts to mesh ends up with pinching effect


After introducing new edges in order to have correct geometry ( quads) G moving it along y axis I end up with pinching effect. It 's only 3 verts though. Any idea what is going here?

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You have face/s inside your model, delete it and recalculate normals for safe measure.

Hmm…oddly enough I have recreated it on the similar model and it works without a problem.

Just found out edge is outside the object in object mode as if it does not belong there although in edit mode it is part of the mesh.


Some interesting findings. When verts are bridged by F, pinching effect occurs. When connected by Knife tool all pinching points are gone. I thought by using F it’s possible to create both edge and face. In case of edge it should not be a problem.

If you select two vertices and press F (Make Edge/Face), this will only create a new edge, not connected to any faces; it will not split an already existing face. For that, you want to use Vertex -> Connect Vertex Path (default hotkey J), or the knife tool.

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Brilliant. Many thanks!