Introducing the Blender Beast to Blender Artists.

As an entry to Blender, I presume that I can best show who I am to this place in a concise fashion by presenting to you forum posters with the Blender project I’ve been working on since mid-2009; codenamed “Blender Beast.” :smiley: Down below I’ve got image links for critiquing on the proportions & anatomy of the blender beast. My goal is to create a believable looking, saurian-mixed-with-dragon super predator that wrestles to the ground prey several times bigger than itself. Essentially, I’m looking for critique on believability of the limb, body, head and tail proportions.

(Too big/small? Too long/short?) This is my first Blender creation which I plan to complete from start to finish (actually, this is the first time I’ve made a proper mesh, of any sort), the basic model is essentially the brainchild of someone who pressed the Extrude button one too many times. :spin:

Looks good. I’d say the shoulder and hip areas are too square, and should be blended in with the body more smoothly, like tightly drawn skin would do.

someone called me ( monster) hehehe:)

Looks nice and simple, i like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Alek; Indeed, can’t have frills that snap under pressure while hunting. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t have enough micro-details though.


Less square-y. :stuck_out_tongue:


Some flaws that I’ve personally noticed with the Blender Beast;

The face is basically a rectangle with eye sockets, when viewed from the front. (Compare to: )

The hind-limbs overall seem too bulky when viewed from the front. (First image)

The tail is too thin. (Can’t be seen in any of these images, but from a top down view, the tail isn’t as thick as it could be.)

The whole thing looks like rectangles meshed together.
I say go look at more pictures of animals, and look into topology.
Also post some wires, someone might draw over them to help you understand.


Blender beast in wire-frame and in edit mode.

I think I did well enough on the forelimbs, though for everything else I’ll agree, got stretched too thin. (This creature’s the brain-child of extrude & subsurf, derived from the base cube seen with default blender UI, if that would help at all.)

It’s a really good start for someone using Blender as long as you have.

I can see you having some excellent modeling skills, though before this is done we’ll have to see how you do with texturing and lighting.

“Excellent modeling skills”
“Really good start”
These words are being directed at me? Head spins with confusion :spin:

I must say, thank you. :yes:

Anyways; for texturing, lighting, and animating, I’m still bashing my ahead against the wall. I do have a passing knowledge of photo-shop, however.