wow it can play the guitar?! talent to the extreme!

Great talent!

Yeah, I think that was an A flat minor!

def kitten. smaller pussycat. metallikitty.

Looks like kitty is double tapping “Cliffs of Dover” but has to use its nose (no opposable thumbs, you know)

Valarking would’ve loved this.

But screw the cats, bring in the Dragons;)

Valarking would’ve loved this.

But screw the cats, bring in the Dragons;)

actually i have a cat with two eyes <<<< like if it’s strange LoL
no , actually my cat’s eyes are
left = blue
right = green
i laugh too much when i see it :slight_smile: .

I didn’t mean dead Dragons 3DGURU, I don’t know why humans like to bash and kill Dragons in their forms of media.


He’s cute. I like the spots on his belly.

Re cat> Is cuuute

Re dragon> Tastlessness aside, why are you demanding dragons in a thread about cats anyway? It seems very random and like you’re not thinking.

Traditionally, dragons eat people. Fair maidens especially. I should think that would explain this apparent discrepancy.

Chinese dragons don’t, and their tradition is longer than that of western dragons.

Well I have heard of otherkin Dragons who have eaten a person or two (including myself) but I haven’t heard of ANY who kidnapped maidans.

The widespread slaughter of Dragons in the media and in the past is a reason why so many otherkin Dragons are ticked at humans. Everyone would know by now that as a Dragon I don’t take dead Dragon images lightly.


Hmmm, maybe it’s time I got to know Cyborg Dragon…what do you mean by “otherkin”?
I have a friend who knew a halfdragon, once. He was writing a story about him. Not sure what his name was, but one of his parents was a human, and the other was a truedragon (a dragon that can speak human and transform into one, as opposed to a beastial dragon, that is extremely intelligent but only has instincts like an animal).




Teh stringz, I plux dem.:yes:

An otherkin is one who has a non-human soul, as in the case of otherkin Dragons like me, I have a Dragon soul, and had a previous life as a Dragon.

Otherkin Dragons still may have things left over from their Dragon lives, I have blown air expecting fire to some out and murr when something feels good, I also nuzzle my dog.