Introduction: A Noob's Manner

First, as some old person (I forgot, sorry…) once told me that men without manners are manures, therefore I start this thread. OK, here goes…

Hi, everyone! As you can see, xibalba’s the nickname and my ultimate goal is making an action-RPG. Hopefully, I can finish it in 3 years (Amen!). I just started using Blender a few months ago (about last Christmas, I think) when I finally decided that I got sick of struggling in music biz. For now, I’m still taking baby steps so I’ll be bothering you guys (and girls if there are) a lot from now on. Pleased to meet you all!

Second, well, I hope all noobs will introduce themselves here in this thread of course.
And that will be all.

Yay, welcome, bother me if you want!

Welcome on Board!