introduction and question.


I am angelo, and this is my first post.
Having discovered the world of adobe premiere
and simple VFX, I have been curious about 3D modelling.
Obviously, Blender3D is the first choice.

I was wondering if someone could tell me approximately
how long of reading tutorials and practicing it would take
me before I could do the following (following list is one execution)

-Loading a model
-Changing some key textures
-Animating it so it rotates on its own axis after certain frames
-rendering the whole scene

Do we speak about hours ? days ? weeks ?
I have attempted 3d rendering back in the mid-late nineties on Amiga, but I got as
far as rotating coloured spheres. :o

I am familiar with graphic applications and I have used world
builders that come with some videogames that use a familiar layout.

Thank you for reading if you got this far.

Check the tutorials , you will learn very fast.

First you must memorize some keyboard shortcuts and then the overall workflow will be very fast.

I learned blender3d but …i cant learn 3ds max and maya > i dont like the interface

blenders realy easy after 2 or 3 tutorials it looks daunting but learn a few key features and your set it is realy fun.:slight_smile:

try some of these good mesh tutorial teaches key frame animation a good nurbs tutorial

angelomcm and meatlover - Welcome! I hope you both get a lot out of the forums. - This tutorial helped me get my head around Blender’s interface if nothing else. I recommend it for starting out.

I’ll tell u one thing:
I’ve used blender since veeeerrry late september 07’ and it’s september 08’ and I STILL HAVE NOT LEARNED ALL THE FEATURES!!! (Considering there’s a new feature every 5 days, not surprising. (including bug fixes, blah blah, blah) And one of the things I mastered within 5 months(I THINK) which may take longer is all the shortcut keys on the keyboard.
e.g. “E” for Extrude, “W” for specials, “G” for Grab, “R” for rotate, “S” for Scale…