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Greetings Blender’ers’-ses’ :

Brand new to Blender . Started 3D on Amiga 4000-030 (incredible powerhouse!!!) . Just wondering if I should bother to document my journey with Blender , in an effort to help refine the Blender Doc’s ? I’ve hit a few very minor snags and am wondering if this is worth reporting , or if Blender Doc’s are a kind of “back-burner” focus ?

I realize Blender is a very dynamic application and I do not want to draw attention to areas of detail that others here , already know exist , but are simply too busy to worry about right now .

I certainly do not want to start out in this community by pointing at minor text faults . Hopefully I will be able to push the envelope a tiny bit (with renderings & animations) to , perhaps , help inspire others to consider using Blender somewhere along their 3D pipelines .



I am assuming you talking about the manual. Its a great community resource so am sure those that work on it would love know the snags that you hit to make it that much better.
And welcome to blenderartists

Welcome to Blender :slight_smile:

About the docs, you can always join and fix the mistakes you find yourself, if this is the documentation you were referring to. It’s the easiest way to get minor text faults fixed.

Of course you can also browse through the wiki and point out weak areas and hope that there will be people to fix them. However, actual contribution is much more welcome, since there are never too many helping hands :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply guys (and the welcomes) . The Doc’s I’ve been using so far originate from the ‘/Help’ pulldown menu in Blender (2.47) . Some seem to come from the Wiki , some from . Anyway , I’m making notes as I go and maybe once I have a better handle on it I’ll suggest , or personally make some changes .

Writing tutorials is one of my passions , so , hopefully , I will become proficient enough with certain areas of Blender to be able to share some gained knowledge too .

So far I’m becoming more and more impressed with Blender , as I explore the Interface . Did a fluid sim with 2.40 a while ago , but never took the time to actually read the Help Doc’s in any depth . Glad I did this time .

Setting a couple of hours aside to make an effort to completely understand the interface makes all the difference , of course . I’ve heard it said on other Forums that Blender’s iF is odd , but now that I understand it better , I think I might have to disagree .

“Thanks very much” to those that have taken the time to write tutorials and the very deep general Docs .

take it ease

Blender’s interface is only odd because it’s so much different from any others.
This makes it difficult to get used to.

But, as I understand it, the developers are more interested in getting the options you want quickly than in whether it looks the way we think it should.