Introduction to 3D Rendering

Hi all!
I know, from my more regular visits to the Game Engine forum, that if someone posts basic work, it can become tedious; because often you can feel that there isn’t anything worth showing.
I’m posting my first true render today, to ask a few basic questions.
Firstly, this is rendered in BI.
There is a lighting artifact in the centre of the screen, i believe it is caused by an alpha mapped plane intersecting the walls.
How can I improve on any aspect of this example image?
It was not based off much realism, other than my current work desk.

Hmm, not bad. I really like how you forcefully drew the viewer’s attention to the flowers with their detail and brightness. The flower vase looks like the default clay material…Wait!!! Flowerpots are clay. But gray clay isn’t that exciting. Also, if that’s your workspace, you might want to decorate it some.

Hey agoose77,
You ask how you can improve your image? Here are my hints for optimizing:

First, change perspective. It seems like the viewer is in a total tight space, dragged to the corner, facing it. This gives a claustrophobic feeling imo. Next thing is about light dynamic. It is a good idea to draw attention to certain details in the picture via illumination. However, you some kind of over-did it here. The flowers are waaay too bright. The whole image consists mostly of dark tones and very very brigth ones. Make more use of the midtones. Either by changing the lightning or using postpro-color curves.
Then the colors are a bit … grey. Maybe some saturation would add nicely.

More ideas to think about:
Every good picture has a story to tell. It contains a mood - a certain feeling. Try to think a about a story, a feeling. Then add this to your image. What daytime is it? Is it early in the morning? Or maybe lazy afternoon? Or perhaps the room is illuminated by the moon. This would totaly change to whole color palette. What about the table? whats its story? Does the owner use it to craft things on it? Does he barely use it? Is it an old table from the childhood with lots of stickers on it? Get some textures accordingly.

Spice up the vase a bit. A nice chinese dragon would be nice. Give it some material. Glossy? Coated? Ceramics? Concrete? What is it? Show it to us :slight_smile:

With the mirror as well. Spice it up with a post-it perhaps? Or show us some reflections. Maybe a totaly different story might reveal itself by looking in the mirror.

…all just personal opinion of course :wink:

…and just keep having fun :slight_smile: