Introduction to Shaders with Pynode

I’ve been working with PyNodes a lot lately and have written an introduction to shaders document which runs through various issues including converting shader equations into code, which variables equate to which shader equation variables, problems and solutions, and most importantly, how to create a custom shader with PyNodes. It can be found here

I’m also working on the second part of the documentation, which will be less code orientated and more problem solving and algorithm based. It is based around development of a halftone shader. The beginnings can be found here and there is also a completed halftone PyNode which gives output like below.

If anyone create something useful from these walkthroughs please share them so we can all see what is being done with PyNode.

great work .
many thanks Timmeh that’s gonna be Very usefull!!!

Thanks! Looks very interesting.

Splendid effort friend. Thank you for sharing.


Cool work ! Exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Cool, very clear. I look forward to information on more advanced topics :smiley:

Maybe next time you could add some links to reference material?

great work!!! I’m enjoying this one. especially with the steps set to “0” and a low outline angle(“70” or less), looks like certain FREESTYLE modules(though not like halftone any longer)