introduction Topic

Hy guys and Girls:)

I did not see an introduction topic on the forum so far, and since I did want to introduce myself I decided I might as well create one here.
(if I overlooked an existing introduction topic, My apologies. feel free to close this and point me in the right direction:) )

My name is Jintei,
I am 27 years young and I currently live in Düsseldorf, Germany.
I recently discovered Blender and 3D modelling/animation and i have been having a lot of fun experimenting.

I actually stumbled across this website recently in my search for new learning material and decided to register.
Looking forward to getting critiques from all of you so I can improve myself, and get more fun out of this awesome piece of software.

cheers, Jin

Hey Jin welcome to the blender artist community !!
This is usualy were people introduce themselves. so no worries there. :slight_smile:
nice to have you here!

Welcome here from me too!

Welcome :smiley:

thanks for the warm welcome, so far I am liking this forum more and more. got some great advice from people and have seen so much great works here. all around inspiring:) now if only I already possessed the skill to put all this inspiration into models that i am satisfied with:)